Andy Saich (London) // Bodyflow Massage

Ever wanted to learn massage techniques to share with your lovers, friends or clients without the need of a table? This weekend will give you the tools to touch with confidence, creativity and intuition. Andy, who pioneered BodyFlow floor massage, will teach positions, posture and techniques of touch, specific to floor massage, that make both the giving and receiving of the massage relaxing and enjoyable. Please note: the BodyFlow massage is done on a floor mattress that demands a certain level of flexibility and fitness. Therefore, in order to participate you will need to be in good health and be able to sit comfortably cross legged with both your hands free to massage for up to 20-30 minutes at a time.

Andy Saich

Andy Saich is a Body Electric school-trained sacred intimate who weaves therapeutic touch with body, sexual and relationship coaching. As the creator of the exquisite BodyFlow massage technique, and a pioneer of tantric work, he has helped men, women and trans people since 1990 through one to one sessions and workshops in the UK and in a variety of other countries. As co-founder of LoveSpirit, organising events for the LGBT+ community exploring and celebrating spiritual and sexual diversity, he is committed to helping others grow, share their stories and wisdom.

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